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Richard was born on July 18th, 1950, in Surrey, United Kingdom. His father, Edward James Branson, worked as a barrister. His mother, Eve Branson, was engaged as a flight assistant. Richard, who struggled with dyslexia, had a hard time with learning institutions. At the age of thirteen he attended the all-boys Scaitcliffe School, but he failed over there. Then he transferred in a boarding school in Stowe, Buckinghamshire, England, and then he dropped out from this school at the age of sixteen. After the dropout, he entered into his first successful business project as a teenager with the publication Student. (Branson, 2015). When the magazine began losing money in the late 1960s, he formed Virgin Mail Order Records. He wanted to increase…show more content…
In 2007, he formed Virgin Money. Less successful ventures include Virgin cola, and Virgin vodka. He also failed to win a contract to run the National Lottery – even though he offered to do it not for profit. Today the Virgin brand has over 200 different businesses in more than 30 countries. In conclusion, Sir Richard has got a very high degree of thought and contribution in what he does, but at the same time he is very mixed up in the organization setting at the start of a new business. He is definitively a relationship-oriented leader who is good at aligning people and giving them emotional support and encouragement. He seems to fall into the section of being a participative and consultative leader. His very strong personality seems to make anyone listen and follow him. (Branson, 2015)

‘Virgin’ is known as the innovative, inexpensive, cool alternative to the big players. Today, more than just a successful businessman, Richard Branson is the symbolic leader for new tycoons. With his bold attitude, multi-coloured advertising ideas and innovative methods to attract the people. His informal style and unusual attitude has made him more popular. For him, money does not matter that much .The money may be the one of the measure of success but he actually believe in excitement to do the work .Branson believes business should be fun .According to
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