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Zachary DeCosta Paper 1 Tuesday/Thursday 8am 9/4/14 Richard Restak In the excerpt from Richard Restak, he talked about how the plasticity of our brain is changing the way we do things toay. The human brain is changing everyday and there is no way anyone can stop it. Richard Restak, an expert on the brain, talks about how the plasticity of our brains is changing constantly. He believes that this change is negatively hindering our ability to focus and produce a single task. The rewiring of our brains is forcing us as humans to make many changes to our everyday lives, and the main change it is causing us is that in order to function we need to multitask. Multitasking is the new thing today; everyone wants to be able to do as many things as…show more content…
By the modern world Restak mean technology as a whole, it has become the most powerful thing, the world is driven buy it. Restak talk about the crawler on the television, the crawler is now used to force an on going split in our attention, which leads back to the fact that multitasking is shortening our attention span. By trying to multitask, focusing on the television and the crawler is hindering our brains. By trying to see what is on the crawler, Restak lost focus on the real conversation going on and completely missed the question he was looking to get answered. Our attention can be captured so quickly by the tiniest thing, such as a crawler on the bottom of a screen during a show. Because of this experience, Restak says, “One consequence of this change is that we face constant challenges to our ability to focus our attention”(411). Because we can’t focus, it hinders us from conquering the task at hand, especially tasks as simple as watching television. Secondly, multitasking negatively affects humans in all areas of their life. But one place it really hits is relationships. Multitasking devalues relationships in many ways. Today people want the reasons to why things happen right then and there. One of Restaks friends who happens to have ADD/ADHD says, “Don’t tell me anything that is going to take more than 30 seconds for you to get out” (416). This devalues relationships because it

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