Richard Rodriguez Complexion

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Authors utilize rhetorical devices in order to convey the true meaning of his work.
In his essay, Complexion, Richard Rodríguez uses the rhetorical modes of description and symbolism. The description gives the work a story-like flow, while the symbolism makes the reader more able to experience the emotions and feelings present within the authors “complexion.” The utilization of the stylistic tools aids in conveying the true message of the author’s claim which is that he received mass racism out in the society. Since the essay is an account of his own experiences with racism, the description works well to take the reader to different periods of time and events in Rodriguez’s life.

The use of description allows the essay to be
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His mothers friends would also often talk about what a burden or curse it was, to have dark skin, “…it was a woman’s spoken concern: the fear of having a dark-skinned son or daughter.” (Rodriguez 449). This displays that in his culture, people preferred light skin children over dark skin, knowing that a light skinned child would not face as much prejudice a dark skinned child would growing up. The use of symbolism
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