Richard Rodriguez

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Growing up, people realize that around the time of reaching a mature state, education has affected their personal family life in one way or the other. With that being said, in his essay, “The Achievement of Desire”, Richard Rodriguez headed towards a path where he was unconsciously distancing himself from his family and becoming much more independent than he had expected. Rodriguez gives the reader a sentimental idea of the two contrary lives he had growing up, the life he had as a child, and the life he has as an educated man. He continued believing in his aspiration of how benefits of education can remarkably outweigh the past struggles of both his family and himself. Like Rodriguez, I also, in the past, found some form of solitude…show more content…
Simultaneously, I never had the chance to learn the sole fluent language my father knew, Bengali, and for this reason, as a child, I never had that “intimate conversation” with my father. I too mentioned only “small, obvious things” and “tried to make our conversation seem like more than an interview”, but because there was really nothing else to talk about with my father, I wasn’t able to develop a bond or that father-daughter connection with him that families normally have. As school took up most of my time, my father and I never really had the time to have a heart to heart conversation to catch up on what’s been going on with each other’s lives. Fortunately, my story is not as melancholic as Rodriguez’s because my father put an effort into getting used to the ways and culture of America where he tried to keep at least some form of relationship with me. Even though we speak in our own language (he speaking in Bengali and I in English) when communicating with each other, my father found a way not to alienate himself from his children. As for Rodriguez, it’s quite a depressing story, where he had that passionate relationship with his mother once in the past which was eventually overshadowed by “silence”. During the pinnacle of his bittersweet life, Rodriguez eventually realized that he had sacrificed one of the biggest things in life to do what is best for himself, his family. Being from a different
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