Richard Rodriguez Public And Private Language

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The growth of English language has increased tremendously over the years and has become the most widely spoken languages in the United States. This observation aims to explore why when moving to the United States, many non-English speakers feel the social pressure to learn English and what difficulties they encounter. After my observation, I found that many feel the need to learn English in order to assimilate into a community, and though straddling two languages is difficult, it opens more opportunities, and language privilege. Many people move to America knowing little to no English making it very frustrating for them. When arriving to a different country, everything is different and there are so many things people need to adapt to. For…show more content…
He describes to the readers how he kept his private and public identities separate--his home being the private area where he spoke Spanish with his family and “the outside world” such as school where he was forced to speak English. Rodriguez shows a lost connection between his family because of learning a new language when he says, “The old Spanish words I had earlier used-mama and papa- I couldn’t use anymore.. On the other hand, the words I heard neighborhood kids call their parents seemed equally unsatisfactory… As a result, I never used them. Whenever I’d speak to my parents, I would get their attention by looking at them.” This shows that after English became Rodriguez’s main language, he’s become unsure of how he should address his parents or how he should start a conversation with them. He loses the connection and the intimacy that was once there has vanished. However, keeping your culture and language alive is important because it is very beneficial. When you keep your language it makes it easier for children to bond and connect with relatives who may not know English and also making it possible for the language to continue being passed down from generation to generation. Even though, it’s almost necessary to learn English when coming to the United States, it’s important to note that you should never
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