Richard Rodriguez 's Brown : The Last Discovery Of America

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America is a melting pot of different people, culture, and religion. Although there are millions of different people from different parts of the world, it 's citizens would like to appear united and patriotic. To foreigners, every person living in the United States is an American; however, within the country, there are divisions among the society through a concept called race. No citizen calls themselves an American to another American. The individual labels themselves "Hispanics, Asians, [or] Africans," (Rodriguez 119). America may appear uniform, yet it’s citizens seem to want individuality. And here is the paradox: those same citizens also detest the concept of race. When one is deemed by society as different because they are unable to be labeled, the individual hates this sense of distinctiveness. Richard Rodriguez 's memoir, Brown: The Last Discovery of America, discusses this peculiar concept of race by appealing to the reader 's pathos and logos in order for one to obtain a greater understanding of the idea. Americans are categorized into different races and it is believed that by belonging in a group, it 's members are the only ones able to understand each other and those who have experienced the same problems are not able to. Rodriguez argues that Americans often state,"You can 't know what I 'm feeling unless you are me," (Rodriguez 26). People want to be different and by being included in a 'race ', it makes the individual feel unique. This
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