Richard Speck Essay

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On December 6th, 1941 the world welcomed Richard Benjamin Speck, who would become a well-known mass murderer. Speck, having a rather rough childhood, had an extensive criminal background before committing the unspeakable murders that made him famous. After being found guilty, Speck spent his remaining days in Chicago’s Stateville Penitentiary. One can look at Richard’s personal history, crime and criminal history to try and pin him to one criminological theory, when in reality, none will really fit him to a “T”. He was a psychopath who was in great need of psychological help, among other things.
In Kirkwood, Illinois, Benjamin and Mary Speck became the proud parents to a baby boy, named Richard Benjamin Speck. Richard was the seventh
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Being the subject his stepfather’s violent physical abuse, Richard had acquired a violent nature early on in his life. He carried this violence from his childhood to his marriage with Shirley. Richard would abuse both his wife and her mother. The abuse his wife endured was both physical and mental, which would often include being raped at knife point up to several times in a day. Richard was also fond of kissing and fondling other women in front of Shirley, forcing her to watch. Their marriage was short lived and the two separated. Under his mother’s recommendation, Richard became a live-in babysitter for a 29-year-old woman, who was a bartender at his favorite local bar, Ginny’s. One month later, his wife filed for divorce. In January of 1966, the same month of the divorce, Richard stabbed another man at Ginny’s. The fight was brought about by his anger at the discovery of his ex-wife’s remarriage after only 2 days of the granted divorce. These events were just the beginning of his violent streaks and became the foundation to his ultimate crime that made him infamous. Richard’s first arrest, the beginning to his extensive criminal history, occurred at age 13 for trespassing and was followed by numerous other arrests over the better half of a decade. When he was 21 years old, Richard was found guilty of forging a fellow co-worker’s
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