Richard St. John Research Paper

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Richard St. John did not know how to answer the question: “how does one become successful?”. Just like many people on this earth struggle to answer that question. Humans all strive for success but many do not know how, by following St. John’s 8 points: Passion, work, practice, focus, push, serve, ideas, and persist, then one can be lead to the road of success. I was intrigued that the common similarities of becoming successful are the 8 main points. They are basic things that many have been doing all their life, so many will be confused as to why they are not successful, but they will need to combine all 8 of these in order to be successful. I agree that all of the 8 points are necessary to succeed, but it will be very hard to become successful…show more content…
A lawyer may make a lot financially but they may not be happy, but an artist that may not make much will live happier. We must love what we are doing in order to become successful in it. 2.the mother pushing us, it is our family that pushes us. We have to push ourselves, but it is difficult to do that, so St. John had joked that our mothers were there to push us, but it is true that we need our family and close ones to push us so that we can rise to success. The people that want us to succeed in life will be there for us to encourage us to not give up even though it may seem like a lot of work. We should not have to deal with this all alone. 3.serving others “you've got to serve others something of value. Because that's the way people really get rich."St. John had mentioned that the way people truly become rich is by serving others, I believe this is not rich by money but in life, morals. If one is selfish and only work for self-gain, then it will be harder to achieve their goal of becoming successful as they will teach us something.I really enjoyed the acronym for crap, as it is very true, that we have to persist through the “crap” that life will throw at
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