Richard The Lionheart : An Important Hero Of The Middle Ages

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Richard the Lionheart ruled as the King of England from the 6th of July in 1189 until his unfortunate death on the 6th of April in 1199. He had ruled as Duke of Normandy, Aquitaine, Gascony, and Cyprus as well. Richard got his nickname from a lion attack when the lion had opened its jaws to bite him he had reached down and pulled its heart out according to folk tales. He was born in the United Kingdom in Oxford on the 8th of September in 1157. According to History Extra (2015), “Richard at the age of only nine was betrothed to a nine-year-old princess, his father Henry had tricked King Louis VII into handing over his daughter, she spent 25 years in prison until she would come of age.” He was a very important figure during the Middle Ages having triumphant victories during the third crusade (1189-1192). Richard was well educated and had quickly demonstrated these impressive military skills. For many years had enforced his father’s laws in their French lands. Later he defeated his father with a successful revolt, overthrowing him as king of England, which had been originally his mother idea. He was able to keep his kingdom under control when he had left for the third Crusade because there had been no attempts of invasions. Therefore, he was an important figure for middle ages and should be remembered today.
Richard the Lionheart is an important figure and should be remembered for his battles as a soldier, though he was not a very good king because had only spent few months

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