Richard Wagner Biography

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Introduction Richard Wagner was in the Romantic time period, many historical factors were taken place after the year 1830. The first railroad was built, the Crimean War was taken place, President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. Another major thing was slavery was abolished in America. The Romantic Era lasted 50 years from the years 1800’s to 1850’s. Richard was born 13 years into the Romantic Era and was alive 33 years into the 20th Century. Early Life Richard Wagner was born on May 22, 1813 in Leipzig, Saxony Now known as Germany. Richard’s full name is Welhelm Richard Wagner. His father, Karl Friedrich died six months after Richard was born with a unexpected death. Which left his mother Johanna Rosine in charge of him and his 8 siblings.…show more content…
The piece I chose to listen to is called Das Liebesverbot or The Ban of Love. This piece is one of his many songs of unrestrained love. This is one of his early operas composed in 1836, it was also performed for the first time in 1836. The first time it was performed was a disaster, it was performed in Magdeburg but the lead singer forgot the words and improvised almost the whole thing. The song wasn’t performed again for a really long time, but once he became more known he performed the Ban of Love again. It became one of his most popular works. This song is a opera which was bringing to lovers into a mortal combat. Mostly all of Wagner’s operas are romantic mortal combat resulting in a happy ending of true love. End of Life Richard Wagner lived to the age of 70, he lived a semi depressing life, he isn’t known for being very happy. He traveled very often from place to place as a child and as a adult. Richard died on February 13, 1883 in Palazzo Vendramin in Venice. He died of a heart attack just months after moving to Venice. His body got brought back to Bayreuth just a day after his death. He was buried in the garden of Wahnfried like he had always
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