Essay about Richard Wagner

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Printing label 1.     Summary                                        p. 3 §     What Is The Business §     What Is The Market §     Potential For Business §     Forecast Profit Figures §     How Much Money Is Needed 2.     Business…show more content…
11 §     Where Based, Location §     Suppliers §     Equipment Needed 6.     Financial Analysis                              p. 13 §     Monthly Profit/Loss 2yrs §     Monthly Cashflow Forecast For 2yrs §     Balance Sheet Forecast For 2yrs §     The Assumptions Behind Your Forecasts §     Principle Risks Which Could Affect Figures, Things Beyond Your Control 7.     Prospects                                        p. 14 §     Objectives – Short & Medium Term §     The Finance Needed & What It Is For Summary What Is The Business: Blue Label is a one-stop-shop for unsigned talent looking to release and promote short runs of their singles/EP’s. We will
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