Richard Wagner Of 1813-1883 Born

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Richard Wagner of 1813-1883 born in Germany became one of the world’s most influential dramatic composers best known for his operas. Wilhelm Richard Wagner was born in Leipzig, Germany on May 22 1813, the ninth child born into a middle-class family. He attended school in Dresden, German, growing up, he showed very little interest in music he was only concerned with writing poetry.
Wagner continued on and at the age of 11, he had written his very own drama, and by the age of 16 he was composing his own musical compositions. Although Wagner didn’t complete his preparatory education curriculum, he still enrolled in Leipzig University in 1831. However, with very little patience with academic techniques he dedicated himself to the studies of his very own personal inspiration, the symphonies of Beethoven. With the inspiration of Beethoven, Wagner created his very own Symphony in C Major, in which he performed in 1832 in Prague and in 1833 at the Leipzig Gewandhaus concerts. After leaving Leipzig University, Wagner became a musical director at an opera house in Magdeburg in 1834, where he fell in love with actress Christine Wilhelmine Planer, the two married in 1836.
After running into serious financial debts in 1839 Wagner fled to London then to Paris, to escape his creditors where he survived financially by writing musical articles and arranging operas for other composers. However, in 1940 Wagner created Rienzi, and he created The Flying Dutchman 1841, but Rienzi was…
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