Richard Wagner 's Music With An Exclamation Point !

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Richard Wagner “I write music with an exclamation point!” Richard Wagner was titled many things in his lifetime. He was a German anti-semitic composer, theatre director and a polemicist ( Richard Wagner Biography). Today, he is mainly known for his operas. Unlike most composers, Wagner wrote both libretto and music for each of his stage performances. He initially established his reputation as a composer that wrote romantic music. Wagner revolutionized opera through his concept of the Gesamtkunstwerk (“total work of art”.) Wagner was born May 22, 1813 in Leipzig, Germany. His father was either Carl fried, who was a clerk at the local police station, or a man by the name of Ludwig geyer, who was extremely musical, like Wagner later became…show more content…
1). The first and last named overtures were performed under Heinrich Dorn in Yuletide concerts at the Konigliches Sachsisches Hoftheater in 1830 and 1831 (Osborne, 959). Wagner went to Leipzig University, but his interest in academic studies was little to none. He was more concerned with the college life, drinking and dueling. At this time, he came in contact with a man named Christian Theodor weanling, cantor of Saint Thomas Church. Christian was so impressed by Wagner’s music ability that he turned down any payment for Wagner’s lessons (Richard Wagner’s Biography). Within the year of 1833 Wagner composed his first completed opera named “die feen” (the fairies) which notably impersonated the style of Carl Maria Von Weber (Richard Wagner Biography) . Wagner then worked as a musical director at the opera house in Magdeburg for a short period during which he wrote “das liebesverbot” (the ban on love), based on “measure for measure” by William Shakespeare. In 1834, Wagner’s roller coaster began as he fell in love with an actress named Christine Wilhelmina “Minna” planer. He ended up following her to Konigsberg, where she supported him to get an engagement at the theatre. On November 24, 1836 they got married. Troubles between them started soon after and Minna ended up leaving Wagner temporarily for another man

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