Richard Williams Life Before The Titanic

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Two men swam for their lives in the bitterly cold water. This is the story of Richard Williams, a person who managed to survive the sinking Titanic. We’ll be taking a look at his life before, during and after the Titanic.

Before his Titanic experience, let's talk a little bit about his life before the Titanic. Richard Williams was born on January 29th, 1891 in Geneva, Switzerland. He was raised mostly under the guidance of his father, Charles Williams. It is also said that he is a direct descendant of Benjamin Franklin. At the age of 12, Richard started playing tennis, as well as being tutored at a boarding school. He wanted to be the best and be perfect at tennis, as well as go to Harvard University.

Now that you have some background information about Richard, let’s get right into his experience of the Titanic. He boarded the Titanic with his father as first class passengers. Richard was 21 when he boarded the ship. When the Titanic was sinking, there was a rule “women and children first”, so you might be wondering, how did Richard survive? Well, let’s go back to April 14,1912, around midnight, when the Titanic was starting to sink. As the two men left their room, they saw a passenger trapped, where they helped him. They then went to see if the bar was open, and it was not. Once they were done roaming the lower decks, they finally went to the top deck and decided to jump into the water. Unfortunately, at that very moment, a smokestack, or chimney
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For one, his legs returned to normal and he entered Harvard. In the same year where the doctor wanted to cut off his legs, he went on to win the United States mixed doubles and in 1924 won a gold medal in the Olympics. He also served in World War 1 and got a medal for honor. He became a wealthy banker in Philadelphia. On June 2nd, 1968, Richard died of emphysema. A condition with your lungs where the airways become inflamed and
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