Richard, Wood And Hulme Llp

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1. Introduction: The case study provides an incisive look at problems facing Richard, Wood and Hulme LLP. The main problem addressed is the lack of cohesion in the team working for Spector Industries. This is a major problem for the company for two reasons. First of all, Spector is an important client. Secondly, team work has been a strategy for RWH since it began operation. Thus, a lack of cohesion among team members affects the tight deadlines that the company has and team morale is lowered due to the firing of two favourite senior employees. The report advises alternative actions based on decision criteria’s and alternative analysis matrix and provides key recommendations to avoid such problems in future. It does not make any changes to the current process and proposes the best alternative solutions which could resolve the current situation and avoid the same in future audits. 2. Problem Identification and Analysis This analysis outlines some of the reasons why the Spector audit is unlikely to be completed by the due deadline. As in the prior year, the RWH team was given two-and-a-half weeks to complete the Spector audit in 2008. However, with only five days until the deadline, less than 50% of the audit has been completed, and the team is unlikely to complete the audit in the remaining time if they maintain their current slow pace, as they have done over the past week. It was obvious that the 2008 Spector audit would require a greater degree of commitment and
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