Richard Wright And Ralph Ellison Essay

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According to August Wilson’s story, Fences, from the first scene of the play to the end, the center of attention is mainly on Troy, a character who continues to experience racial intolerance. The racist culture in which he dwells in has positioned him as nothing other than a servant to the Whites as a garbage collector in the center of the city Pittsburg. At the same chronological point in time, African American writers of the present time, such as Richard Wright and Ralph Ellison, symbolically expressed the infuriating effects of American societal setting on the African- American consciousness. The Du Bois’ idea of double awareness posited a class of educational duality which all black Americans had to battle with. (Majeed 235). He distinct it as a duplicated consciousness burdened with the dread of existing in the American world which yield him no true self-consciousness, but only let him see himself in the course of the revelation of the universe. The notion of double awareness was developed into the distinction between outer life and inner life as a way of characterizing Du Bois’ views. The interior life of the black American was for domestic use and may become better through nurturing. On a side note, art was a vital aspect of nurturing. Art should be used as a mechanism to fight back against racism, which is part of the outer life of the black people. It could also be a well thought-out shield in political battle.
In reference to Fences, racial discrimination is
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