Richard Wright : The Son Of Nathan Wright And Ella Wilson

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Richard Wright was born on at Rucker’s Plantation on September 4, 1908, in Roxie, Mississippi. Wright was the son of Nathan Wright and Ella Wilson. Although his parents were born free, his grandparents we all slaves. Wright’s grandparents were slaves, but both of his grandfathers served in the Civil War and received freedom through their service in the war. At the young age of six, Wright’s father left the family and his mother, later on, became a paralytic because of a series of strokes. His mother’s health issues forced them to move to Elaine, Arkansas then to Jackson, Mississippi. Although he switched schools several times, he did end up with a diploma, “Schooled in Jackson, Mississippi, Wright only managed to get a ninth-grade education, but he was a voracious reader and showed early on that he had a gift with words. When he was 16, a short story of his was published in a Southern African-American newspaper.” ( Editors) Wright decided to leave the South in 1927 and moved to Chicago. He first worked as a street sweeper, post office worker, insurance agent, and many more jobs. As time passed, Richard Wright decides to join the Communist party in 1932, because it gave him the opportunity to write. “He joined the John Reed Club in Chicago, an organization set up by the Communist Party to recruit writers into its 1937 he went to New York to write for the Daily Worker, the Party 's newspaper.” (Wormser, PBS) In 1935, Wright found employment under the

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