Richard Wright 's Native Son

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In a time where african americans have to go through so much racial prejudice, to a point where people actually act like they aren’t even human, just from the color of their skin, what is Bigger thomas supposed to do? In Richard Wright’s “Native Son”, he goes into the life of this young African American, who hangs out with the wrong crowd, and starts doing criminal acts to try to make money for his family. He’s forced to pick between trying to make money the honest way at a dead end job, and making money the fast way by robbing and cheating people. His situation gets even worse when he makes a decision that will ultimately result in his demise. In 1930’s Chicago, Bigger Thomas is tired of living a life of no education or job in a racially…show more content…
When they finally get home, mary is so drunk that she can’t make it to her room. Bigger, drunk and slightly aroused, he tries to kiss Mary. Mary’s blind mother comes in the room, and bigger gets nervous. Afraid that mary will make his presence known, he tries to quiet her with a pillow. Somehow he accidentally smothers her. This is a feeling Bigger has never known before, like he had gained some kind of power over this powerful oppression called “white people”. At first he didn’t know what he was going to do. He shoves her in her luggage trunk and carry it downstairs. He see’s the furnace and tries to hide her in there, but her shoulders wouldn’t fit. He starts hacking her head off with a hatchet, then he throws it in the furnace with the body. He starts planning and blames it all on Jan. He eats breakfast at the Daltons house and then starts to take her trunk to the train station, then he goes to see bessie. He tells her about the Dalton girl missing, then decides to write a ransom letter to the Daltons, trying to get money out of them. He bullies bessie into playing part in this scheme. She could tell there was part of the story that he wasn’t telling her. Mr. Dalton finds out that Mary never got to Detroit, and that her bag was never claimed, so he hires a private detective named Britten. Britten brings Jan to the house and starts questioning him. He knows Bigger is lying and confronts him on the street about it, but Bigger scares him off with a gun. He

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