Richard Wright 's Native Son

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Vasileios Zervoulakos Dr. Shaun Cullen English 311 May 16, 2016 Assignment # 2 Topic: In class we discussed both Their Eyes Were Watching God and Native Son as examples of the literary genre sometimes called the bildungsroman (novel of growth or development) or more simply as coming of age stories. Choose one of the novels and argue whether or not the bildung or growth experienced by the novel’s protagonist is successful in the sense that the character has learned something that will contribute to his or her maturity into adulthood. If you do not think the protagonist has learned something, then what can the reader learn from witnessing the protagonist’s story? In my second project for my English 311 class that is about African-American…show more content…
As soon as the novel was distributed, American culture was definitely stunned. It is the part of the white population and how they oppressed the black population .In the meantime, it additionally disturbs American dark men by making them understand the substantial expense for obeying and bearing the decision of the white people for so long. In this novel, one can notice the variety of the genres except bildungsroman, such as violence, murder, communism, and rape. The novel is considered as social protest novel that wants to raise awareness to youth black community to avoid mistakes that Bigger made in his life and made him regret. As an example of bildungsroman genre, we can argue that there is a growth and development but without the normal results. Bigger is considered as an anti-hero and doesn’t get into maturity until late on while he is in the prison, in where he has the willingness to live longer after rethinking the mistakes that put him in that badly for him position. Of course, the novel can be educated for many people, black and white. For black people should be a bad example of how to act against discrimination, while for white people should depict how racial discrimination from white population during the middle 20th century created behaviors like Bigger’s. The
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