Richard Wright 's Native Son

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In Richard Wright’s book, Native Son he says “… A complex struggle for life going on in my country…the Southern Scheme of oppression…a far vaster and in many respects more ruthless and impersonal commodity-profit machine.” After declaring independence from Great Britain, America has been known to be a beacon of hope around the world, and a nation that welcomes everyone in the search of freedom, yet, the nation constantly finds itself entangled in a fundamentally broken system, where racial and migratory issues plague the United States threatening its origin as a sovereign state. However the United States has not lived up to such standard, and has failed to live up to their promise in the Pledge of Allegiance of “...liberty and justice for…show more content…
As slavery was abolished in 1865 the problems still continued, laws were not enforced enough, and society started to create their own laws, and organizations such as the Black Codes, the Jim Crow Laws, and the Ku Klux Klan, which segregated and made every single person who was not white feel like an underdog, African Americans were segregated and blamed for many crimes, public lynchings to which people brought their children, and family to watch, the line of human decency was far gone, being black always meant danger, “I 'm black, I don’t have to do anything for ‘em to get me. The first white finger they point at me, I’m a goner...They own everything. They choke you off the face of the earth… They kill you before you die” (Wright, 325). No doubt things have changed since the late 1800’s, the involvement of African Americans in the everyday life of America makes them feel represented, from President Truman’s decision to integrate any person of color in the military in 1948, to the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s, but there is still so much hatred towards black people, and so much injustice, the United States claims to have a Justice that is blind, yet a study in CNN shows that Black men are more likely to be wrongly convicted, once again a failed system, where problems like racism are scarcely addressed because of fear

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