Richard Wright 's The Library Card

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Every person in life faces a number obstacle that he/she either conquers or the obstacles conquer that person. In the two essays, “Learning to Read and Write” by Frederick Douglass and “The Library Card” by Richard Wright, the two authors face many obstacles in their lives. Frederick Douglass is a slave who has a desire to gain knowledge regardless of the circumstances and obstacles. Richard Wright is an African American man who lives in the South during the Jim Crow Laws and also has a yearning to attain more information about the life he lives. A previous EOF student, Rakiyah Johnson’s reaction to the essays written by Frederick Douglass and Richard Wright is that Douglass suffered far worse difficulties than Wright did. On the contrary, there are facts, which proves that the two men, Douglass and Wright suffered equal obstacles throughout their quest to gain knowledge. The obstacles consist of society’s restriction of knowledge to African Americans; the idea of Frederick Douglass and Richard Wright became ostracized; and the gained knowledge left the two authors with awareness, which brought distress in their lives. In a quest to acquire knowledge, Frederick Douglass and Richard Wright faced an obstacle, which comprise of society’s restriction of knowledge to African Americans. African Americans were restricted from attaining knowledge during slavery and the Jim Crow Laws because many Whites believed if African Americans were educated, Blacks would outsmart them.
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