Richard Wright 's Writing Style

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"It is probably a mere accident that I never killed," states Richard Wright during an interview. (Kinnamon 596) Often times, an alternative people would turn to would be violence in a way to escape the world they lived in, but one man held so much inspiration over a society that was and still is shaded by prejudice. What many fail to realize is one can transform the direction of the way society works simply by using words. Because of Richard Wright’s writing style, he depicts the racism and bigotry set in American society in his novel and writes this story by using examples of his personal experiences to create an impact for the later generations. Since Richard exited his mother’s womb, he had to undergo bigotry and unseen detestation from white southerners because of his color (Hart 35). Starting his first day of life on September 4, 1908, Richard Wright overcame several impediments and later became one of the first famous African-American authors. The Wright family lived in Natchez, Mississippi, and his parents worked, during his toddler years. Nathaniel Wright, Richard’s father, was a sharecropper. He labored for the rich plantation owners, while Richard’s mother was a school teacher. (Shuman 1697)Because of the constant beatings, Wright was obedient to all types of authority but anxiety and distrust formed in his mind. Richard unintentionally set his grandparents’ house Francois 2 on fire, but instead of fearing the very thing that could burn and kill him, he placed
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