Richard Wright's 12 Million Black Voices: Photo and Text

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12 Million Black Voices by Richard Wright is a photo and text book which poetically tells the tale of African Americans from the time they were taken from Africa to the time things started to improve for them in a 149 page reflection. Using interchanging series of texts and photographs, Richard Wright encompasses the voices of 12 Million African-Americans, and tells of their sufferings, their fears, the phases through which they have gone and their hopes. In this book, most of the photos used were from the FSA: Farm Security Administration and a few others not from them. They were selected to complement and show the points of the text. The African-Americans in the photos were depicted with dignity. In their eyes, even though clearly…show more content…
And to additionally prove it, he shows the cultures they created in the South and the North through the pictures Church service, Georgia. FSA by Jack Delano (68, 69, 71), the pictures Church Service, Illinois FSA by Russell Lee (70, 72, 92), the pictures by the same photographer named Roller-skating rink, Chicago, III. FSA (126,127), including the picture Negroes Dancing, Mississippi. FSA (74) and Jitterbugging in Harlem, New York, N.Y. from The Bettmann Archive (129). In these pictures he shows parts of the culture of African-Americans. Though they do have their own culture, one they created out of pain, hope, and the desire to live, African-Americans were people who really did have little control of their lives. They were surrounded by people who only wanted them to fail, who wanted to look down on them, never wanted them to succeed, and wanted to see them as nothing but property. The governments, to which people usually turn to during times of need, were against them. The people who were in the same situations as them, the poor whites, were against them because they were set against each other. They had no land, no power, no say, and were forced to know nothing of the way to survive outside of the Lord of the Lands' lands. They were forbidden to read, or learn anything that might help them out. When they get the chance to learn, their situation does not allow them to. They were cheated of the

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