Richard the Lionheart

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“Why?” The man responded by saying that Richard killed his brothers and parents. Hearing this Richard the Lionheart… for the first and last time in his life… forgave the man and soon died. Richard the Lionheart was born in 1157 and was the king of England who reigned between 1189 and 1999. His name originated from his involvement in military conquest, because he was so brave and a great leader that people started calling him . Richard, according to Gransden (1996) began commanding his army at 16 years of age. Because of this, the Muslims called him the King of England long before he took the position. He spent most of his life in Aquitaine where he made the most of kingdom resources in support of his military agreement.…show more content…
Richard also had a straightforward character, which was based on the judgment of the enemies he had made. The number of enemies he has made throughout his life was at its peak during the Third Crusades. One man he had fallen out with was Philip of France, a close boyhood friend, by insulting Duke Leopold of Austria, the leader of the German chance of the crusaders. Richard was often feared and admired by many allies and enemies, including duke Leopold and Saladin. Saladin was an unusual enemy who tried to win the “hearts and minds” of people he conquered. When he occupied Jerusalem, he ordered his men NOT to kill and plunder and when he occupied Cairo, Egypt, he built hospitals and universities for the city, even though he had to take harsh measures against the leaders of his former enemies. In Saladin’s dealings with the Crusaders, he allowed them to “save face” by allowing Christian pilgrimages to Jerusalem, even though he controlled the city. In an era when chivalry was just developing in Europe, Saladin won the reputation of being exceptionally “chivalrous”. He and Richard I soon became each other’s “favorite” opponent during the Third Crusades. Richard the Lionheart was an influential and brave leader of the Third Crusade. Even though he wasn’t the king in the world, King Richard set a target and went for it.
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