Richelieu And King Louis XIV

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The king is woken up at 7:30-8:00 am by the 1st valet de chambre. He is washed, shaved, dressed, and fed by the people of most importance. At 10:00 am he leaves for a 30 minute mass, and on the way is able to talk and meet a few lucky citizens. At 11:00 am he returns back home and holds different councils depending on the day of the week. The “ sun king's” philosophy is absolutism. He wants to be able to govern himself and have more power and say over everyone. The only way he would want government officials to sign anything would be if they were to have his permission. Louis XIV likes to have total power and control over everyone. He supports a strong idea of an absolute monarch. To get to the point of power he wants to be at he got the help of Cardinal de Richelieu.…show more content…
Early in king Louis XIV position of ruling Richelieu passed away in 1642. Mazarin took over Richelieus position as minister of france, and continued his work. These two men helped to strengthen the monarchy system in france a lot, and are import figures to the ruling of Louis XIV. The palace of Versailles is a stunning contribution to Louis’s
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