Richie Incognito and Martin

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At the beginning of the 2013 NFL season everybody around the league thought Miami Dolphins locker room was healthy and a good place to be. It was just like any other locker room in the NFL. On Monday, October 28, half way through the season, Jonathan Martin abruptly walked away from the Dolphins facilities. Martin then checked himself into a nearby hospital, where he requested psychological treatment. After a couple of days after the incident, reports came out saying that Martin left the team because of persistent bullying, harassment, and ridicule being done to him. The Dolphins then requested the NFL to investigate the incident. The investigation found that there were three Dolphins offensive lineman who were involved in the harassment of Martin. The biggest player in the incident was Richie Incognito. People inside and outside the Dolphins organization stated that Incognito and Martin developed a friendship. They both stated that they enjoyed socializing with each, and they communicated to each other in a vulgar manner. Martin never indicated that he was hurting from some of the colorful language that was being using. Incognito and his teammates just thought Martin was going along with and it was part of the locker room. Despite everything that happen Martin claims that Incognito had a good side. Him and Incognito friendship was just "bipolar." The situation between Martin and his teammates was an internal problem. The situation began Martin rookie year. All rookies go

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