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You never think it would affect you, you never think that a life threatening disease will wipe away all of your families strength and emotion. Terminal cancer is not news that a family would like to hear. Getting the news that lung cancer had engulfed your Uncles limp body is heartbreaking. With finding stage 4 cancer already taking up his whole lung cavity we knew the outcome wouldn’t be good. Rick Nafizger is a father of 4 boys, young boys. Trayton who is 19, Trevyn 16, and then Jayden and Jackson 14. Rick is a very involved and hardworking father and has always stepped up to the plate with all the work around the house. Either yard work or bailing hay he was always outside.
Rick was a very hardworking and determined man. Married to my Mom’s sister, Susie, he was a very loving and involved father. Being a Dad to 4 boys was a lot of work, but he took on that job just like everyone else. He was the manager of a GM plant and was very involved in his job as well. He took pride in his job, I always remember him bringing home all of the newest trucks and drove us around the farm. That was one of the best memories I
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His friend said he had nothing to worry about, most likely it was just a fatty tumor. As days went on he grew more and more exhausted and was not acting himself. After deciding to look into another doctor he found out the news, terminal stage 4 lung cancer had filled his whole chest cavity. The doctors seemed urgent and wanted to get a biopsy to look into the tumor more closely. He was rushed to the Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne and they told him immediately that the outcome was not going to be a positive one. With that news the whole family was crushed. Questions began to fill all of our heads. “How did this happen?” “What could I have done to prevent this?” These were all questions that we had, but couldn’t be
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