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Rick Nightshade Physical description: Height: 5’6 Weight:155 An anthro fox, has darkish hazel fur, has a fair amount of muscle but not too much due to their simple lives. He has black tint in his ears and tail. Clothing: Usually gray pants, a yellow t-shirt, a normal black belt, and a brown sweater. Other styles include a cloak or no sweater maybe a jacket or sandals(Though they don't need them due to their paws it is just for vanity) Personality: Kind, determined, confident, likes to lead or dominate, compassionate, curious, needs friends, adventurous, sometimes a little forceful, organized, protective, unfortunately he sometimes holds grudges, but can also show mercy(this is not really a very good trait) Hobbies: Reading, Playing music,…show more content…
He never treated her that way again after that. Flare Silverfire: Physical description: Height 5’4 Weight:170 A Light colored hazel fox, With a pretty slim body, Hazel eyes Clothing: A purple shirt, longish tan pants. Occasionally wears a red flower skirt, sandals Personality: Caring, peaceful graceful, protective, loyal, strong hearted, Good overall Backstory: She was raised by a very loving family and saw good in things. Once when two of her old friends were fighting she tried to break them up. Suddenly one of her friends struck her and she was hurt on the cheek, but it was mostly emotional. Luckily Rick Nightshade was close by and stopped the fight himself and helped Flare. She continued to talk to him and developed a crush. The at the fair she asked them to be her boyfriend, of course, Rick Nightshade was then very excited and agreed Bianca Anikro Physical Description: Height: 5’2 Weight: 150 Description: Curly Dark Brown fur, petite body, chocolate eyes Clothing: Crop tops(whatever she wants to wear), long dark pants, heeled boots Personality: Very humble, boisterous, excitable, shy, imaginative,…show more content…
When he leaves to go to the store he realizes that his friends discovered a journal. This journal contains information from a mysterious author on escaping the Anifield. THey then escape through the vents which are rigged with traps, but no one is harmed and they find that the outside world is destroyed as they travel they stumble on an abandoned GenetX laboratory. They go inside, but it was also rigged with traps and then shrunk Bianca and Rick. After a while the effect wears off and they find useful weapons and other materials inside. They leave again and find a town with people that were unaffected by the mutation. The people are surprised to see them and welcome their arrival. They explain that after the explosion tension rose between the states and the rest of the planet. Suddenly a fight broke out and they started a war eventually marking the end of the USA. Though the USA was destroyed other countries did survive. After hearing this story the main characters are suddenly found by the ACPF and must fight back. They took out a few of them,but Gormax, the watchers, and the second in command took Rick captive. Rick is taken to be brainwashed and while he is gone, his friends must travel and explore the rest of the land to ensure it is safe. They find a cave with a strange glowing substance inside. They are going in to check it out when suddenly Rick come from behind. His friends

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