Rick Perry 's Decision On The Hpv Vaccine Essay

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Rick Perry’s Decision on the HPV Vaccine
A very significant portion of a well-functioning democratic society is obtaining individuals who will be obligated by moral decision making regarding political and personal policies. This paper is going to discuss Rick Perry’s decision to mandate that all girls eleven years and older receive the HPV vaccine before entering the six grade which has caused some controversy among the people of Texas. Positive and negative features of the decision will be discussed from four different articles that help provide clarity on the matter.
Throughout the years, democracy has been the system of government in The United States of America. Democracy is a society in which individuals participate in the decision making process of establishments that make decisions or execute actions that affect them. A democracy also holds the establishments or organizations fully accountable for the decisions or actions that may infringe on their human rights. A perfect example of democracy in action is recollecting the law passed by Governor Rick Perry, in Texas, that mandated that all girls, eleven years and older, receive a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease, also known as the HPV vaccine. This stirred a lot of controversy among many Texas residents deciding whether or not it was the right move in order to progress as a state.
Governor Perry’s decision concerning the HPV vaccine is highly controversial, but there are
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