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English February Assessment

English Comparison between ‘On Paris’ pg. 103-105 and ‘Rick Steves’ Walking Tour of the Louvre Museum’ pg. 55-57.

The opening of Rick Steve’s tour is quite different in the sense that while both start in a dramatic style and exaggeration in the opening sentence. ‘the Louvre Museum (2)’ “Rick Steves” P55 L1 is dramatic as the reciting the name and a pause to build tension and excitement is similar to the opening of On Paris in the sense that it starts off with a one word sentence, which in this case was ‘Paris’. Another similarity is that the audiences are most likely the same in the sense that it is written towards a certain audience which in this case would be Tourists. The purpose of both texts though is different
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Although Rick Steves is descriptive in his narrative it only describes the architecture and the Art on display in the Louvre, ‘On Paris’ uses its descriptive language to describe the people and tourists in France. “A short, dumpy woman with newly blond hair, cut old-Dutch-Cleanser fashion” This quote contains triples, and the effect they have on the reader is of immediate disgust as the reader pictures the woman. The way the text describes is also similar. Both texts use colloquial and familiar language, the effect it has on the reader is of relaxation and casual aspect but in ‘On Paris’ it shows a sped up, almost ranting style format even though it uses familiar and friendly…show more content…
Emphasis and alliteration reinforces this in the quote “… from scrawny stone-age fertility goddesses to curvaceous Venus de Milo” The italics represent the emphasis and could suggest that the exaggeration on this word shows a more sexist side and attitude to the actual transcript.
A further example would be in “… cases the Greek Barbie dolls” You could also suggest that it implies a possible condescending tone on the art of the Venus de Milos. However you could suggest that it is only used to help the listener understand the modern equivalent of the statue and so Rick Steve is likening it to a Barbie doll to help aid the
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