Rick's New Job: Case Study

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TASK 1: Individually read the case study provided and identify the issues concerning the different learning styles and its implication on the overall training process. Learning styles refer to the characteristic strengths and preferences in the ways people take in and process information. Due to genetics and upbringing, individuals have different ways of perceiving and processing information. As educators, it is important to recognize these differences to accommodate all the learners. The first step in implementing learning style-based instruction is diagnosing the individual learning styles of each student. Some people are more visual, some auditory, while others kinesthetic or environmental. They all process information in a…show more content…
How much better you are with your big initials behind your name? You are still an outsider here, buster, and do not forget it” basically demonstrates her fear of incompetence. High levels of anxiety that comes from fear, cause the person to withdraw from or actively resist the learning. Rosie is fifty years old and she never went to college, so her accounting methods are quite primitive (all paper and pencil). She worked for many years in PPP, knows a lot about her work, company and many other things, and she thought that by bringing computer into the office, Rick is trying to demonstrate that he knows more about how to do their job. Feeling that her competence is under attack, Rosie developed a defensive behavior. Her quick response was to show Rick that he is no one here. By showing where he stands, she was trying to degrade him to feel more protected. And, later, the idea that Rick didn’t inform anyone about bringing computer into the office, and that he is going to discuss it later with Val, developed a fear of lost influence. Both, Rosie with her comment: “Good, talk to Val, but don’t think he calls all the shots here”, and Walter’s: “That’s not how it’s done here, son. Maybe you are spending too much time listening to what Val says. He isn’t really the one to talk to about these kinds of issues. Next time you just ask old Uncle Walter” tried to demonstrate that they have to be taken into account as well, when planning something. Rick

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