Rico Population Effects

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LITERATURE REVIEW As noted by Dietz (2014), A main source in the change of the population of Puerto Rico was done by the Jones Act of 1917 where the citizens of Puerto Rico where granted their citizenship. They then had the freedom to live wherever they wanted in between the island and the main land United States. Migration to the mainland was a much more popular idea starting around the 1950’s because air travel was introduced and was very cheap and the United States has maintained an influence the island since then. It is not surprising the people of Puerto Rico have enjoyed the freedom of going to the U.S. mainland, in comparison people from all over the world dream of one day being able to live in the United States. As previous evidence of a features of a declining population. According to Coale (1960), declining population growth was a major feature a study on secular…show more content…
The negative effects of rapid population growth appear to have weighed most heavily on the poorest group of countries in the developing world during the 1980s and also throughout the two previous decades (Cincotta & Robert, 1997, p. 1).
So we see that on the other hard there are some situations where population growth can hamper economic development. This seems to focus more on the poorer countries of the world, which is probably due to more of a lack of resources. Also noted by Cincotta & Robert (1997), results of an elaborate study found that the correlation between stagnant economic growth and economic strength is the most prevalent among developing nations of the world. In other words, stagnate economic growth can be attributed to population growth as well, which as previously noted is an antithesis to this paper, but to point out, this heavily relates countries with a below average gross domestic
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