Rida Munir: A Career In Accounting Careers

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Some of the people I know are accounting majors and they explain me about various opportunities in accounting career. As of right now my major Is undeclared, however interviewing Rida Munir helped me a lot to gain insight about Accounting careers. I Interview Rida Munir, she is a Student Assistant at the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS). I interview her as I have heard multiple success stories, scholarships, and achievements about her from my friends. She is currently a senior at Sacramento State University working towards a double Major in business, first one being Accounting and second one Human Resource & Organizational Behavioral Management. She will graduate in Fall 2016, and continue working at DHCS as a SSA (Staff Service Analyst),…show more content…
However, she & her colleagues get multiple breaks to go on walk around the Capitol to keep themselves refreshed and calm. The new information that I learn about her occupation was her detailed daily work routine. She shared her experience by stating, “I have to process claims that I receive on a daily basis from different hospitals. In order to do so, I have to audit them & assign funds to those hospitals on a basis of Medi Cal program and Assembly Bill 915. Afterwards, I create a Memorandum for those claims and make payments on quarter basis then I send those claim for analyst review & then manager review. Once I receive back those Memos of claims back from manager I update all the control charts according to the year that claim was based on and also update the control chart for the year in which their payments are being processed and send it to the accounting department where they release those funds. In addition, I also have to contact the Providers (hospitals) for getting support for the cost reports that they provide us upon which our department process payments for their facility.” (Munir) This gives me insight of a day in accounting…show more content…
I also need to gain expertise in excel as most of the work is done on excel. In addition, I need to find out how I can get a student assistant job for my first few years in college as she explained that, “I wish I would have find a student assistant job during the first few years of college than It would have helped me with better understanding of my accounting classes while I was taking those classes.” This can help me big times. As she also advises me to get a student assistant job if I want to get into Accounting
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