Ride The World'slide Study Guide

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Skydive from a distance as high as 20,000 feet
Bungee jump at least 500 feet in the air
Paraglide over a beautiful, breathtaking scenery
Take a missionary trip
Slide Down the World’s Tallest Water Slide in Kansas City, Kansas
Learn to surf
Ride the World’s Steepest Roller Coaster in Fujiyoshida, Japan
Watch a solar eclipse
Cannon swing over a deep cannon
Sleep under the stars with someone special
Cage dive with crocodiles
Volcano board down an active volcano
Visit Disneyland
Travel the world and go to places like France and Norway
Choose my future college major and college
Go zorbing down a giant hill
Kayak over a waterfall
Go on a cruise
Hot air balloon across a rural area
Eat a meal in the sky
Learn how to fluently use American Sign Language
Ski down a mountain
Swim with various aquatic animals
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Bucket List
Take a ride on the London Eye
Hang glide
Dog sled race in Alaska
Get a meaningful tattoo, at least a small one
Visit all fifty states Learn to play every concert band instrument
Break or set a world record
Obtain a college degree
Get married and start a family
Pierce my cartilage Go to Comic-Con
Become a better Christian Vote for president
Go on a road trip to anywhere with someone special
See my favorite band in concert
Learn how to play guitar
Witness a miracle
Ride a mechanical bull
Do a color run
Go scuba diving and experience marine life up close
See the Northern Lights
Fly first class to another country
Hit a bull’s-eye on a dart board
Meet someone famous
Visit Windsor castle
Help someone in need
Finish all the items on my bucket
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