Ridge Ghost Essay

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On November 16 2017 at 1929 hours Sheriff's Deputies were dispatched to 609 N. Ridge Road Wellington, Sumner County Kansas for a Domestic disturbance report. Myself and Deputy Coon responded to the call. While en route dispatch advised deputies that both parties are separated and the disturbance took place a 560 N. Ridge Road but the RP is calling from 609 N. Ridge Road because her phone was broken during the disturbance and she walked to the neighbors residence to call 911. Dispatch also advised that Wellington EMS has been dispatched to residence. I arrived at 609 N. Ridge Road at 1929 hours and was met at the door by the home owner identified as Michael Horsch by KS, DL. Michael told me that his neighbor friend later identified as…show more content…
Seth then grabbed Justine with his right hand and pushed Justine to the floor where she landed on her right hip. Justine told me she got up and went to get her 1 year old son as he was crying but Seth had picked him up and would not let her have him. She then left the residence and drove to Michael Horsch's house to call 911. Deputy Coon arrived on scene at the same time as Wellington EMS. While EMS was checking on Justine I walked to my patrol car to get a victim statement form As I was walking back to the house Wellington EMS advised me that Justine is a code green refusal. When I returned Deputy Coon advised me that Justine has bruising to her right hip area and a scratch to her right hand. These injuries were photographed and have been uploaded to the Sheriff's Office S drive for storage. Deputy Coon and myself left 609 N. Ridge Road and went to 506 N. Ridge Road to speak with Seth. We arrived at the residence and we could see Seth and his son were sitting in the living room watching a TV show. I knocked on the door and Seth answered and let deputies inside the residence. I introduce myself and Deputy Coon to Seth and explained to him why we were here. Seth told me that his relationship with Justine has been very stressful lately because neither one are working and money has been tight. Seth continued to tell me that he had a eye doctors appointment this morning in Wichita and need to be there at a specific time but because Justine was taking to
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