Ridgeview Christian School

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They are a ministry of Ridgeview Baptist Church and was established in 1976. I am very familiar with this school as my daughter has been a student there for four years and my husband is an alumnus. The reason I chose this was because I am knowledgeable in their history, values and even flaws that they have.
The first important concept for Ridgeview Christian School is their mission statement (p. 164). Without their values and mission they would not be set apart from a public school. They have several components of their mission statement and some are as follows: Biblical Worldview-“We aim to teach our students to see the world as God intended, through the lens of the truth of the Bible through every academic subject” (Ridgeview). A second component of their vision is to train students to use their critical thinking skills and not just memorize information. Ridgeview also likes to partner with the families of their students so that their Biblical principles are supported and reinforced at home as well. Like Worth says “Mission is everything to a nonprofit organization” (Worth, 2014) and that is why it is so important for not just Ridgeview but any non-profit.
Another important concept that Ridgeview is disappointingly failing in is their transparency in being held accountable for their resources, fundraising and financial income and disbursements. Transparency to me…
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