Ridiculed Mating: A Short Story

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Walking in the tiny chapel, the scent of incense filled his nostrils. Kneeling before the altar, he allowed the soft glow of candlelight to wash over him as he waited patiently for his bride to arrive. Having been mentored in religious matters from an early age, Markus believed there was peace to be found in prayer. The calming atmosphere and opportunity to pray soothed his spirit, enabling him to find his much needed inner calm. The manner by which his kind came into possession of their mates, was an affront to his dignity as a person. The process was not only bereft of the joy normally associated with such occasions, but designed to be a by the human males to be as degrading and awkward as possible. A wife was required in order to continue his line, therefore, the humiliation would be endured with as much grace as he could manage under the circumstances. The stigma associated with his kind ensured that breedable females were kept far from their grasp. For example, in all the known galaxy, the Vampiere alone were reviled for the simple act of being alive. Most civilized cultures considered them unclean, because they subsisted on blood. Furthermore, on a small percentage of worlds, it was legally permissible to exterminate them on sight. His people were…show more content…
In all the known verse, young people were introduced to one another at social gatherings, spent time together and eventually found their one. Vampire females were scarce, which meant they were forced to look to other species for potential mates. Unfortunately, most brides were procured through purchase, or trade. In rare circumstances, arrangements were made between vampire families. If circumstances were desperate, brides might even be taken against their will. The mere thought of forcing a female to do anything, much less endure intimacies was so abhorrent, it made his stomach churn with
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