Ridley Scott and the Structure of an Epic in the film Gladiator

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Ridley Scott and the Structure of an Epic in the film Gladiator

The blurb for Gladiator claims that Scott has brought the epic into the twenty first century, and in many ways he has, with a blend of the technology of today, in the superb graphic realism and the way of life in ancient Romethat lends itself so well to the epic status.

But is this a real epic with all the characteristics and parts that will make it a remembered film for many years to come, or just a good film that you see and forget? In this essay I plan to investigate this, to show both my point of view, and the facts, that may, or may not make this an all time classic. To do this I will be outlining in detail certain parts of the
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This is another classic feature of the epic showing Maximus is in a hugely important situation. Ridley Scott blends these wide shots in with close ups of peoples faces, that shows that Maximus is at a personal level with the 'mob' and that these are people that are more than willing to die for their country and General. There are also some very good point of view shots, this is how Scott shows how much Maximus' men respect him, as they move out of his way and stand to attention.

Another leader makes an order for troops to move forward into a new position, but Maximus simply says they are fine where they are; this is simply accepted with no dispute or questioning. This again shows the respect of the people towards Maximus and shows he is above most people but on their side. These are major epic traits.

The music Ridley Scott uses throughout the film is excellent but especially in this first scene. He blends and glides the action together with a superb mixture of the tense heat of battle, the cool, calm mind of Maximus and the dramatic sudden cruelness of the battle. By doing this the film flows, keeping you on your toes and adding lots of atmosphere.

Again there is a muse to the humble earth and his farming backgrounds. Then there is also a supernatural yet humble element when he makes eye contact and calms a dog that looks wolf like, this links him to
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