Ridley Scott's Gladiator: Fact Or Fiction?

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Gladiator; historically plausible or fiction?

Gladiator is an historic drama film produced in 2000 and directed by Ridley Scott. The character of Maximus is the main star of the movie, represented by Russell Crowe, who is a war general that later captured by slaves and then became a Gladiator. However, the director is not only showing the history of Gladiators but also attempts to represent the vision and the culture of ancient Rome, the spirit of its time, and the psychological outlook characteristic of its period. That is the reason why this movie has become so popular. However, is the story of the movie Gladiator historically plausible? Even though much of the plot is fiction and historically it is plausible, the film is better seen as an artistic representation of the ancient Rome opposed to an accurate reconstruction of events.

First of all, is the Marco Aurelius’ figure in the movie tenable? Aurelius was the emperor of the Rome Empire from 161 to 180 CE but also a stoic philosopher. This emperor is remembered by historians of this time as a competent ruler. In fact, he really did go to battles along the frontier as the film shows. However, in more than one occasion he is named as ‘’sire’’ or ‘’my lord’’ in scenes which actually it would not have been referred to those tittles instead of the real
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Marcus Aurelius appears as an old man with a son Marcus Commodus and a daughter Lucilla. The reality is that Aurelius’ adoptive brother Lucius Versus, who was married with daughter Lucilla, was made co-emperor with Marcus Commodus. Consequently, it was the first time in the Roman History that they had two emperors, and this crucial detail is omitted in the film since it only appears the character of Commodus as emperor. Basically, in the movie Lucius Versus is dead and Lucilla is her widow, and this is seen when Maximum said to Lucilla; ‘’ I was sad to hear of your husband’s death. ‘’ (Gladiator, min
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