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Quotes 1. “Before leaving a corpse, Elijah tells me he has taken to opening each man’s eyes and staring into them, then closing them with his calloused right hand, letting a strange spark of warmth accumulate deep in his gut each time that he does it, noting the colour of the iris knowing that he, Elijah, is the last thing that each will see before being placed into the cold mud and water here. Before they go to their place.” (pg 200) 2. “He walks back to the dugout, his anger watered down by fear.” (pg 146) 3. “He stood and ran with the others, shooting from the hip, too close to use his scope, and joined the rest of the men around him in bayoneting the frightened Hun until the survivors ran from their trenches and down…show more content…
“Mist rises from the craters and swirls in the stink. In the end, the answer that come is simple. Elijah has learned to take pleasure in killing. Elijah says that something in me has hardened in the past few months.”(pg 262) 12. “He is someone I no longer know.” (pg 285) 13. “It is just like hunting, I think. It is hunting.” (pg 79) 14. “Elijah got dozens, I imagine, if you include the crater raid they dud a couple of months ago” (pg 98) 15. Elijah has killed more men already than I can count on both hands. It doesn’t seem to bother him. Me, I’ve killed no one that I could see yet, but I’ve helped Elijah. I don’t think it bothers me, but I won’t let myself think of it, just push it away whenever it appears” (pg 99). 16. “Thompson says the Fritz are using this area as a training ground” (pg 113). 17. “I have reached the point where nothing makes sense to me anymore.” (pg 303). 18. “specially the actions of the ones who move the soldiers about and order them to their deaths” (pg 303). 19. “I am trained not to hesitate in situations of danger” (pg 306). 20. “They will buy you honour among us,”,”And we are honourable men.”(204) 21. “I know I’ve done horrible things here.”(343) 22. “I remember him learning to love killing rather than simply to survive.”(269) 23. The…day I killed my first human…I prayed to Gitchi Manitou for many hours on that day and the following day, thanking him that is was I who still breathed and
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