Rifleman Dodd

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MCI 0112D MARINE CORPS INSTITUTE COUNSELING FOR MARINES MARINE BARRACKS WASHINGTON, DC UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS MARINE CORPS INSTITUTE 912 CHARLES POOR STREET SE WASHINGTON NAVY YARD DC 20391-5680 IN REPLY REFER TO: 1550 Ser 1335 1 Jul 11 From: Director To: Marine Corps Institute Student Subj: COUNSELING FOR MARINES (MCI 0112D) 1. Purpose. MCI course 0112D, Counseling for Marines, has been published to provide instruction to all Marines assigned billets and duties that require counseling skills. 2. Scope. MCI course 0112D addresses the development of basic counseling techniques and skills, to provide effective counseling to subordinates in accordance with NAVMC 2795 and Marine Corps leadership…show more content…
By enrolling in this course, you have shown a desire to improve the skills you have and master new skills to enhance your job performance. The distance learning course you have chosen, MCI 0112D, Counseling for Marines, provides instruction to all Marines on counseling techniques and methods. Your Personal Characteristics  YOU ARE PROPERLY MOTIVATED. You have made a positive decision to get training on your own. Self-motivation is perhaps the most important force in learning or achieving anything. Doing whatever is necessary to learn is motivation. You have it!  YOU SEEK TO IMPROVE YOURSELF. You are enrolled to improve those skills you already possess, and to learn new skills. When you improve yourself, you improve the Corps!  YOU HAVE THE INITIATIVE TO ACT. By acting on your own, you have shown you are a self-starter, willing to reach out for opportunities to learn and grow.  YOU ACCEPT CHALLENGES. You have self-confidence and believe in your ability to acquire knowledge and skills. You have the selfconfidence to set goals and the ability to achieve them, enabling you to meet every challenge.  YOU ARE ABLE TO SET AND ACCOMPLISH PRACTICAL GOALS. You are willing to commit time, effort, and the resources necessary to set and accomplish your goals. These professional traits
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