Rifles for Watie by Harold Keith Essay

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General Information 1. The title of my novel is Rifles for Watie. 2. The author of my novel is Harold Keith. 3. The publisher of my novel is Harper Trophy. 4. My novel was published in 1957. Plot 5. The protagonist in my novel is Jeff Davis Bussey. 6. Jeff Bussey was a 16 year-old Kansas farm boy with brown eyes and a dimpled chin. He had a tanned face and a humorous smile. Jeff reacts decisively to situations. An example of this was the decision he made to go to war after the bushwhackers attacked his family. 7. Jeff is loyal in character. An example is him not backing out of the war even knowing that his next step might be his last. Jeff reacts morally to situations, an example is when he did not want to be in the…show more content…
Jeff learned that he was not very nice. Captain Asa scared David so much that he went home before furlough. The next day Jeff went home on furlough to see his family. When Jeff was telling his family about his new life in the army, Jeff's father remembered Clardy from the Mexican war. His father said that Clardy was a strange fellow whom nobody trusted. Clardy wanted to be colonel of the Mississippi Volunteer rifles, but when Jeffery Davis got the job he moved far away from the south. The next day, on his way back to Fort Leavenworth, he sees David's mom forcing David to go back to the Fort. They return together. When Jeff returned, the army broke camp and started the long march to Springfield, Missouri. The sergeant was Millholland, who Jeff liked much more than Clardy. The next evening they camped 25 miles away from Springfield. When Jeff shot his gun to clean it, he got arrested and was taken before Clardy. As his punishment, he got all-night sentry duty. The battle was going to be at Wilson's Creek, Missouri. The north planed to attack the rebels at dawn and by surprise. They failed to surprise the rebels, lost hundreds of men and the battle. The day after the battle, Jeff had to report for ambulance duty. The field hospital was 2 large gray tents thrown together in a clump of trees. When Jeff was scanning the field of people, he saw lots of dangerously injured people, none of them looked happy

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