Rigel Tremblay : A Short Story

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Rigel Tremblay didn’t have the best life but it was astonishing. As a child he grew up with an abusive father. His mother would try his best to protect him and she would use herself as though she were a shield. Everyday both mother and son would get beat. Rigel's father wouldn’t let him attend school so Rigel would just end up reading books that were handed down from his mother. On days his father wasn’t home his mom would teach him how to read and speak properly. His mother had never contacted the police or asked for help and Rigel didn’t know how to help or what to do. One night when Rigel was laying in bed he heard the door open and acted as though he were asleep. Someone had sat next to him and heard the words he would never forget.
“I’m sorry to leave you like this and I hope you grow into a fine man but for now I wish to see you in another life in happiness. Goodbye my sweet son” It was his mother and she rubbed his head one last time before leaving the room shutting the door behind her. Rigel was left in darkness and tears started to run down his face knowing he shouldn’t interfere. He stared out the window to see the stars that shined bright in the dim night sky reminiscing when he and his mom would go to the mountains on a warm calm summer night to go stargazing and soon after he fell asleep. Once it was dawn he heard glass breaking and the shouting of his father.
“That woman actually left me with that useless child” he shouted “If she shows
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