Right After The Fun Relaxing 1960’S And Excitement Of The

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Right after the fun relaxing 1960’s and excitement of the american dream it all came crashing down in the 1970’s. Political distrust and economic unrest took its toll on the citizens of the United States and so they found refuge in the arts. With the Nixon watergate scandal, withdrawal from vietnam, inflation, the oil crisis, and increasing ‘slum’ areas the american dream began to fall apart, many people awoke to the idea that the United States was not as great as it supposedly was. Many activist groups sought change and people, especially the youth, took comfort in new art forms and ways of expression including disco, postmodern art and punk and grunge styles. Nixon built up a great reputation with the public pre-presidency; he made a…show more content…
The outcome of the vietnam war made future politicians wary to become involved in foreign wars and this coupled with the aftermath of the watergate scandal created unrest and distrust towards key agencies involved in national security, such as the C.I.A. (Central Intelligence Agency) (Berkowitz, 2006, p.32). During the United States fall in vietnam there was other looming issues. The 1973 Arab oil embargo creating a scarcity of oil creating too much demand and strain on oil refineries. In the Arab-Israeli war in October of the same year the United States supported the Israelis, creating tension between Saudi Arabia and the States. Berkowitz (2006) states that they used their oil as a strategic weapon first increasing prices dramatically by 70% and then eventually completely cutting them off (p.64). The seventies saw a reversal of the economic problems in the 1930’s; as prices went up the demand for labour was supposed to increase as well to balance it out but instead it stayed stagnant. In 1975 unemployment rose to 8.5 and inflation was at a rate of 9.2 (Cowie, 2010, p.222). Creating a stagflation in the United States this drastically hurt lower income families, and lower to higher middle class citizens relying on oil daily. With the social difficulties and economic unrest the 1970’s marked the end of brutalist architecture. Brutalist

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