Right Knee Surgery Case Studies

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DOI: 6/14/2007. Patient is a 68-year-old male sanitation worker who sustained injury while he was cleaning gutter on the side of the street when a bakery truck backed into barrel and the barrel hit his both knees. Per OMNI, he underwent left knee arthroscopy on 12/10/2007, left total knee replacement on 1/05/2010, and right total knee replacement on 1/18/2011. He had infection on the right knee and had surgery to replace sleeve on 12/2011.
Per the medical report dated 9/25/2014 by Dr. Kastenbaum, patient is undergoing physical therapy 3 times weekly. On examination of the right knee, there is minimal warmth and swelling noted. Range of motion lacks terminal extension both actively and passively and flexes passively to 100 degrees. X-rays of
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