Right Place Time & Uniform

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Being at the right place, time, and uniform displays discipline and supports the team. The consequences are more significant than the rewards. It can either make everything very simple, smooth, and efficient when you fulfill your duties. It will hinder, and remove other soldiers from a mission when one fails to uphold their responsibilities. The responsibility of attendance and proper attire is not difficult nor complicated. Communication is also a key part that supports the efficiency of the two. It is the responsibility of a soldier to ensure they are adhering to their leaders guidance. Being in the right place, time, and uniform displays multiple things. It shows that the communication between the soldiers are clear and precise. It…show more content…
Time you can not give back to a soldier 's son when he played his first game on a sport team because his soldier went to shreveport instead of funeral detail. Time you can not return to a soldier 's daughter when she wakes up from a nightmare and the soldier is not there because he has to go to the barracks because his soldier wasn 't in his room while cooking and it burned his entire room. A simple skill of right place, time, and uniform is more crucial than one may think. A soldier that does not show that they can be dependent on needs to be addressed or removed. Being that failure to be at the appropriate place of duty is under article 92 failure to report. This can also be court martial causing a dishonorable discharging. This can potentially end up with very negative results, preventing a soldier from any educational benefits and high difficulty finding a job in the civilian world. There is no room within a team for distrust. Again, right place, time, and uniform gives hope that there is potential that a soldier can be trusted to fulfill their obligations. It gives the chain of command some faith that the soldier can be reliable, dependable, independent, resourceful, and resilient. With these characteristics, any soldier can be a high quality soldier with great success. It also brings good light to
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