Right To Bear Arms Essay

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Suppose you are at home late at night when an intruder enters your home and threatens you, but you do not have any firearms in the house. Wouldn’t you be wishing you had some sort of firearm at that time to defend yourself? These types of situations happen everyday in the world. The second amendment states that it is the people's right to bear arms. From a liberal's point of view, guns should be limited to only allow government law enforcement to be able to own personal weapons. In a conservatives point of view, It is a person's right to be able to own and use personal firearms. Gun control has always been a serious issue , and now there is more and more talk about more limitations or even banning guns completely. I for one disagree with these statements. It is easy for…show more content…
There should not be any more new limitations, but our current restrictions need to be more enforced. It is our right to bear arms, and that right should not be taken away from us as free citizens.
“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”,Is a common statement that is passed around.
Another reason why there should not be new laws and limitations is that these new laws will not apply to criminals. Gun laws are founded to make a nation more safe from murder and violence.
The problem with this that these new implemented laws do not apply to those who have already given up on life and intend to die while killing as many people as they can. Just like laws against theft do not apply to person who intends to steal something. The only thing that a criminal does is not getting caught. Being criminals most of them will not feel remorse when caught, and if given a chance, will most likely do it again. In the city of Chicago gun sales are restricted. This new ordinance went into action in 2010. In 2010 the murder count was 432. In the year 2012 the murder count rose to 500. Chicago has been named the nation's murder capital. Thus, the new ordinance did nothing to reduce Chicago's murder
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