Right To Bear Arms Justified

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How is owning a gun justified? By the second amendment, the right to bear arms is granted to the 318 million people currently living in the United States of America. It justifies the ownership of a gun without directly justifying it. The initial understanding of this amendment by the majority of the U.S. is that every person (under the right circumstance) has the right to have a gun in their possession. Although this meaning has been the inherited mindset of most ideas concerning the matter, the controversial conflicts arising around the existence of this amendment represent the true depth of it’s meaning and how it stands for much more than just the right to own a gun.
In correspondence with the debates on how valid the second amendment
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It directly affects how one can use their right to protect in the U.S. To me, the second amendment can be viewed as an extra extent of safety obtained through the security that is given by the weaponry granted by it. Whether it is used or not, a gun would add an extra sense of safety to one’s household and ability to defend him/herself. Moreover, the second amendment means comfortability. If someone in the U.S. prefers to own a gun and keep it with them whether on the go or in their house, they would feel more comfortable due to the safety and security they have with the gun. In this way, the second amendment creates a sanctuary, especially in the case of those who live in the conditions where a gun is occasionally needed. The power behind a gun creates a shield around a person that a criminal would not want to challenge. I believe that the second amendment has lowered the number of those victimized from this side of the situation. It grants the opportunity for a father or mother to protect their family, an owner to protect their belongings, and a person to protect his/her own life. In the end, the second amendment represents the extra mile someone can go for safety, if they would like to (because it all comes down to a personal…show more content…
The United States has been and continues to be a strong, democratic country, but the importance of the second amendment resides with the precaution that an unprincipled mind may come into power. It represents security from an unjust power that could eventually come to leadership in the many future years of the U.S.A. It gives the people something that they can yield extra strength with against the corrupt side. The citizens are able to fight back or at least defend themselves in the situation that they would need to do so. It gives them the opportunity to take additional precaution. In this way, the second amendment stands for how the rules in this state remain honest to America’s power and how it truly resides with its people. It represents America’s kept promise of democracy and how it acts as a government that is for the people and by the people. This amendment shows that the United States is a country that will act in truth to its claims and how the democracy of its state will favor the the majority of the
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