Right To Bear Arms On College Campuses

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The right to bear arms is a liberty given to us in the United States written in the Second Amendment. However, that should not apply to college campuses across the nation. Giving anyone the accessibility to take a fire arm without any penalty could possibly make it easier to plot a scheme that would inflict harm to students. The vast majority would agree, it is difficult to talk about guns on campuses, since it associates with previous shootings that have taken placed in recent memory. Understandably, for many people to witness these tragedies have severely crippled them emotionally, physiologically, even physically. Even if the person carrying such a weapon with the true intention in defending, should not be accountable in defending themselves from outside influences. The law enforcement is well equipped to handle matters like these. We can never foresee or intervene a crime that will occur in the future, but we can prevent it. One way we can get closer…show more content…
The reality is that many people would firmly agree on letting and trusting incapable students to handle these deadly contraptions. In subjects like these, it is usually painted grey. On the contrary, we should shift our focus to see in a different light. What is the purpose of law enforcement? To separate themselves from the vigilantes or criminals that threaten the public. Trusting your life in the hands of these service men is safer than a stranger that so happens to conceal handgun. Furthermore, taking steps to improve safety regulations is a guarantee path to the right direction. Every time when looking at the American flag hanging half mast, usually we feel agony or empathy of those victims of mass murder. We can try our best to not let that flag reach that position soon and try our hardest to keep everyone safe from
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