Right To Bear Arms: Rights And Liberties Under Law

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The Right to Bear Arms: Rights and Liberties under Law
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The Right to Bear Arms: Rights and Liberties under the Law was written by Robert J. Spitzer( Wikipedia, Par.1). Robert J. Spitzer is a political scientist, commentator, and author( Wikipedia, Par.1). He is an author of many essays, articles, books, and papers on many topics on politics( Wikipedia, Par.1). His field of specialties is in gun politics and American presidency( Wikipedia, Par.1). Spitzer is a professor and chair of political science department at State University of New York (SUNY) in Cortland( Wikipedia, Par.1). Since the 1980’s Spitzer has written books on gun control( Wikipedia, Par.1). His work has been appeared in the Washington’s Post and New York Daily
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Spitzer in 2001. This books main focus is dealing with the shoot out that happened on April 20, 1999 at Columbine High School located in Littleton, Colorado and the Second Amendment. The shoot out consist of two high school boys by the name of Eric Harris who was eighteen and Seventeen- year- old Dylan Klebold; who then turned the guns on their selves. Eric and Dylan bought four guns to school that killed twelve students within the first fifteen minutes, one teacher fatally wounded (bled to death in library waiting for help to come), and twenty- three others wounded. Neither Eric nor Dylan was old enough to purchase a weapon, so Dylan’s friend Robyn Anderson purchased two shotguns and a 9-mm Hi-Point carbine from Tanner Gun Show in nearby Denver for them. The fourth gun was purchased by twenty-two-year-old Mark Edward Manes; which was a TEC-DC9 semiautomatic pistol that was sold to them for 500 dollars. People on all sides of the national gun control debate have deplored the Columbine massacre. No one suggested that Harris and Klebold were exercising their Second- Amendment rights- quoted to bear…show more content…
The book covers many topics on the Second Amendment; it has the origin, how it worked back then, and how it works now. It also has a small story to go with it the topic. Even though I feel like it is great book; I would not prefer it to a student body. I feel that the book could go into more details on the second-amendment, also more on the fire arms situation. This book gives you a little snippet on what happens when a gun can get into the wrong hand, but it needs to go into further detail. If I was to rewrite this book I would give more examples on the fire arm situation, and try to work with both sides of the situation. Like not only would I tell the cons on possessing a firearm I would tell the pros too. I would also more than likely go more into the details of the second amendment and not try to focus so much on the the past and our present. But overall it was great book to read; he just needed a little more details and
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